Markets & applications

With over 50 years experience and more than 2’700 mta soldering machines produced and installed on 5 continents, we are the favored partner of several companies in industries such as electronics, optoelectronics, automotive, watchmaking and medical.


The combination of different technologies in the same sub-assemblies – CMS and conventional components, electronic and mechanical components, PCB FR4 and flexible – does not allow the use of conventional soldering methods . Our mta point to point soldering technique allows to overcome these inconveniences and to realize the connections, thus avoiding the intervention of operators.


Due to the miniaturization of components, telecom optoelectronics applications require innovative solutions in order to connect specific parts in clean environments. We have developed mta soldering techniques perfectly adapted to these requirements. Laser soldering is a commonly used solution thanks to its precision, its speed and its advantage of being contact less with the parts to be soldered.


The automotive industry requires automatic soldering solutions which ensure process productivity and quality at the same time. We propose mta point to point soldering equipment which can be integrated inline and allows to reach very high production output associated to a perfect repeatability. This type of equipment is popular and appreciated by automotive manufacturers and OEM suppliers.


The developed mta soldering techniques are also dedicated for watchmaking applications. The induction soldering technique can be used in the assembly of wristlets or watch cases and the laser technique in the high precision assembly.


The mta point to point soldering techniques are particularly adapted to the necessary quality requirements for medical applications. The techniques allow to guarantee the process repeatability, the cleanliness of the work area  and the setup of inline inspection. Furthermore, soldering techniques, such as laser and induction, allow to work without contact with the parts. We have realized several applications in this field, including implantable products.

Soldering application examples