TR300 dispensing table-top robot

The PC controlled mta TR300 table-top robot is a standard automatic dispensing machine with a working area of 300×300 mm. It is used for semi-automated volumetric dispensing operations.

The increasing demands from customers in terms of quality, precision and repeatibility lead to increasing levels of automation. However, when production batches are small or products widely dissimilar, the cost of sophisticated equipment can place automation beyond the reach of many would-be users. Therefore, the TR300 combines flexibility with the required high levels of process quality and repeatability, all at reasonable cost.

The TR300 can be equipped with all the established mta dispensing heads: NVD mono-component dispenser, NBD two-components dispenser, mini-NVD mono-component dispenser, mini-NBD two-components dispenser, CFD continuous flow mono-component dispenser, CBD continuous flow two-components dispenser, CD cartridge mono-component dispenser and jet dispenser.

The 3 axes of the TR300 are fully programmable through the mta MotionEditor software including dispensing parameters such as:

  • Volume to be dispensed, dispensing speed, mixing ratio as well as other related dispensing parameters e.g. unlimited quantity of points, linear or circular beads.

3 reasons to choose the mta TR300 dispensing table-top robot

  1. The TR300 is purpose-built and is user friendly. There was no compromise on the dispensing head design to fall within the lower payload of off-the-shelf table-top robots.
  2. Intuitive menu-driven mta MotionEditor software.

Each machine is specifically tailored to the customer’s application, but the standard TR300 dispensing table-top comes well-equipped:

  • 3 axis cartesian robot
  • Complete dispensing head
  • Needle cleaning unit
  • Purge bin
  • Safety guarding and light curtain (on semi-automated systems)
  • Air preparation system
  • Industrial PC
  • Full-size keyboard and screen


  • Specific fixture
  • Monitoring camera
  • Robot recentering camera
  • Needle recentering system
  • Vision quality control
  • Second screen
  • ESD protection kit
  • Part presence sensor
  • Part height measuring sensor
  • Automated sponge humidification system
  • Container with or without mixer
  • Cartridge with holder depending on the head
  • Level detection – tank or cartridge
  • Complete handling of material processing system e.g. recirculation, material pre-heating, etc.
  • Signal tower
  • Working area  300 x 300 x 100 mm
  • Cartesian robot  3 axes
  • Shift of axes  point by point or linear interpolation
  • Positioning repeatability  ±20 μm
  • Speed  X and Y: <200mm/s, Z <100mm/s
  • Electronic control  industrial PC
  • Operating system  WINDOWS
  • Programming  HMI Windows oriented
  • Interfaces  ethernet / USB port / serial port
  • Execution mode  standalone or slave with PLC via I/O interface
  • X, Y and Z axes actuation  step by step motor
  • Power supply  230/115V – 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption  1 kVA
  • Air pressure  max. 6 bar
  • Dimensions  854 x 851 x 1070 mm
  • Weight  ~125 kg

TR300 volumetric dispensing table-top robot

PDF - mta_TR300_volumetric_dispensing_tabletop_robot_09.2022 - 1 MB

Available heads