Plug-and-play MSH150 iron soldering head

Very fast and easy integration

The plug-and-play MSH150 iron soldering system includes an integrated software and a set of cables.

In addition, mechanical fixing flanges allows easily to mount the soldering head on a wide variety of robots (ABB, Denso, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Kuka, Mitsubishi, Motoman, Stäubli) are available on our Webshop. See robot flange compatibility chart.

Furthermore, this turnkey soldering head can be programmed via Bluetooth or cable.

Above all, only three operations need to be performed:
1. Firstly, m
ount the soldering head.
2. Secondly, wire the cables.
3. Thirdly, install the software.

As a result and thanks to its unique all-in-one design, the iron soldering head is simple to use, to configure and to integrate. 

Last but not least, the plug-and-play MSH150 iron soldering head is only available online and its delivery time is consequently fast. However if you need a complete semi-automated solution, we offer a purpose-built and standardized table-top robot equipped with any mta soldering heads, depending on your application.

Article number: 6D00317-01-001-000

CHF 12'900.00

plug-and-play iron soldering head

Included equipment of the MSH150 iron soldering head kit:

  • Soldering head with structure, iron and heating element
  • Kit cables MSH150 7m – Article number 6D00317-00-003-070 including the following three cables:
  • – XLR 5-poles power cable of 7m – Article number 6D00317-00-003-071
  • – I/O  sub-D 15-poles cable of 7m – Article number 6D00317-00-003-072
  • – RS232 sub-D 9- poles cable of 7m – Article number 000.005.602


Recommended components and consumables for the MSH150 iron soldering head that can be ordered on our Webshop:

plug-and-play iron soldering head

Specifications of the MSH150 iron soldering head

  • Iron power  150W
  • Iron temperature  adjustable to 450°C (837°F) and standby mode
  • Temperature accuracy  ± 2°C (after stabilization; regulation over 0-24V)
  • Electrical controller  integrated in the head
  • Power supply controller  24V
  • Configuration interface  Bluetooth – RS232
  • Communication interface  RS232 – I/O
  • Air pressure  max. 6 bar
  • Solder wire diameter  0.3 – 1.2 mm (1.6 mm upon request)
  • Solder wire quantity accuracy  ±2.5%
  • Iron head dimensions  334 x 203 x 205 mm (without monitoring camera)
  • Iron head weight  ~4.8 kg (with tin spool)


plug-and-play iron soldering head

Simplified configuration

The process controller is included within the soldering head itself. The controller can store up to 64 unique recipes. Many joints normally use the same solder recipe, so this provides the capability to solder hundreds of joints across multiple products. Each recipe has parameters such as soldering temperature, preheating time, quantity of solder tin.

The software allows to program the head wirelessly via Bluetooth or by RS232 cable from your laptop. Furthermore, we provide a configuration app that is compatible with Windows (>. NET4.5). Also, our app uses an intuitive HMI that allows users to easily:

– Set the head without special coding languages
– Monitor the status of the head
– Simulate the cycles

Once configured, the laptop is disconnected, and the soldering head can communicate with your robot/PLC to operate in cycles. For this purpose, two different integrations are available:

– Discrete IO which is very easily programmable and quickly integrated
– RS232 which requires more programming but offers a greater flexibility i.e. possibility to change the recipe values without going back through the configurator

Last but not least, we truly thought of everything needed and made the MSH150 soldering head simple to use, to configure and to integrate.

N.B. Only one RS232 channel can be used at a time.

MSH150 soldering head 3D drawing, software & related documentations

This data can be downloaded only if the MSH150 head has been ordered and if you are logged in. Please contact for more information.

mta plug-and-play MSH150 iron soldering head

PDF - mta_plug_and_play_MSH150_iron_soldering_head_05.2023.pdf / 1.8 mb

plug-and-play iron soldering head