Mixing chambers

The mta mixing chamber is a unique solution on the market and is based on a dynamic system. This unit is made of stainless steel and plastic; it can be either cleaned or changed after use, depending on the type of mixed material. As the material is being mixed just before dispensing, it is a clear advantage in terms of maintenance for the whole equipment. Furthermore, the dispensing nozzles are directly connected to the mixing chamber.

The mixing chamber homogeneously mixes A and B material by means of a rotating blender. The mixing quality is then achieved by adapting the following parameters: mixing time, mixing chamber volume and mixer speed. The rotational speed is electronically controlled in order to optimize the mixing effect. Therefore this solution is perfectly adapted to small volumes.

Four standard mixing chamber sizes are available: 200, 600, 1500 and 2300 [mm³].

Article number 


4-0085-05-000-00Mixing chamber CM200
4-0085-01-000-02Mixing chamber CM600
4-0085-02-000-02Mixing chamber CM1500
4-0085-03-000-02Mixing chamber CM2300


Volumetric dispensing solutions

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