Material supply & preparation systems

For the liquid handling and its preparation, Unitechnologies offers the integration of custom-designed material supply and preparation systems. Barrels up to 200 liters, Hobbock containers as well as smaller original pails of liquid or viscous materials are emptied, degassed, recirculated and processed accordingly in order to provide the best material preparation for the future dispensing process. These supply systems are adapted to the process requirements.

Additional to supplying its mta standard dispensing equipment, Unitechnologies provides the possibility for complete integration of other brands of dispensing equipment; this includes complete software integration as well as validation and capability tests prior to its realization.

The dispensing process validation tests and the machine capability analysis are realized in the mta dispensing lab. Production of golden samples and batches are carried out under real conditions to benchmark achievable quality levels. Furthermore, Unitechnologies provides additional equipment for quality checks on the dispensed parts such as micro-cutting devices, analytical scales, high speed vision system and optical measuring tools.

mta supply and preparation systems

  • Contact lenses
  • Industry: pharma
  • Application: production of contact lenses
  • Process: dispensing of monomer

  • Furniture damper
  • Industry: household appliances
  • Application: Filling of a furniture damper
  • Process: dispensing of mono-component silicon oil

  • Sensor
  • Industry: automotive
  • Application: selective conformal coating of a sensor
  • Process: globtop dispensing of two-components Epoxy











  • Electronic box
  • Industry: automotive
  • Application: sealing of an automotive electronic box
  • Process: dispensing of mono-component silicon beads


mta material supply & preparation systems

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mta supply and preparation systems

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