CFD continuous flow mono-component dispenser

The CFD continuous flow volumetric dispenser for mono-component material uses continuous flow progressive cavity pump technology. The dispenser is highly versatile capable of dispensing low to high viscosity materials as well as filled materials.

The CFDs are available in several volume and flow rate sizes. The rotors, stators and pump housings include
a variety of materials to provide mechanical and chemical compatibility with a broad range of materials. Several motors, controls interfaces and mechanical connections such as Luer Lock, threaded and many more are also available.

Furthermore, and according to the needs, the CFD is delivered as individual component for integrated solutions, with mta standalone numerical controller or as turnkey solutions using one of our standard automated dispensing platforms including: MRC500, TR300, OEM, and station.

The main features of our CFD include:

  • Automatic or manual dispensing of mono-component liquid or low-viscosity, high-viscosity and filled materials
  • Volumetric continuous flow dispensing thanks to a rotating displacement system
  • Simple setting of the dispensing parameters via numerical controller
  • Broad flow range
  • Various motor, pump and rotor/stator sizes
  • Rotor available in hard chrome plated or DLC coated
  • Different elastomers for stator
  • Housing in stainless steel or PEEK
  • Flow rate is directly proportional to drive speed
  • Material pre-heating possible

Typical dispensing applications:
Adhesive bonding, potting and honeycomb potting, dot and line dispensing, conformal coating, glob-top dispensing, dripping and lubrication.

Typical dispensing materials:
Sealants (e.g. silicone, MS-polymer, polyurethane, methylmethacrylat), adhesive (e.g. anaerobic glue, epoxy resin, UV-Acrylat, dispersion glue), gap fillers, thermal conductive paste, solvent-based medium, grease and oil.

7 reasons to choose the mta CFD continuous flow volumetric dispenser

  1. Thanks to progressive cavity pump technology the dispensing process is reliable and accurate – even with solids-based media and lumpy products.
  2. Suitable for low and high viscosity materials.
  3. Extremely accurate and repeatable.
  4. Mechanically and chemically compatible with many materials.
  5. Variable flow rate and mixing ratio.
  6. Long life span of rotor and stator.
  7. Easy cleanup and purge.

  • Electronic box
  • Sealing of an automotive electronic box
  • Dispensing of mono-component silicone beads

The standard CFD continuous flow mono-component dispenser comes well-equipped:

  • Dispensing head structure
  • Needle cleaning unit
  • Needle according to application
  • Purge bin
  • Controller


  • Several motor and interface options
  • Material supply such as barrel, bucket, cartridge
  • Material processing such as desassing, pre-heating, homogenization

Options within mta standard platforms:

  • Monitoring camera
  • Robot recentering camera
  • Needle recentering system
  • Vision quality control
  • Part presence sensor
  • Part height measuring sensor
  • Automated sponge humidification system
  • Container with or without mixer
  • Level detection – tank or cartridge
  • Dispenser volume per turn*  0.003 ml to 10 ml/turn
  • Flow rate 3 to 80 rpm*  0.009 to 800ml/min
  • Min. dispensing volume*  <0.11µl
  • Max. input pressure  6 bar
  • Max. dispensing pressure*  20 and 25 bar
  • Repeatability  >99%
  • Power supply controller  230V/50-60Hz

*depending on material to be dispensed and the CFD dispenser size       


CFD continuous flow dispensers

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Available platforms