Dear Customers,

mta automation, inc. is taking appropriate and reasonable measures to ensure the safety of our employees, customers, and community.  This is not a full account of all the protocols we are taking. This post is intended to make you aware of those protocols that might impact our customers, so that you can plan or adapt as needed.  Note, these policies only apply to the North American market and will be in place until further notice.

Temporary Policy Changes

  • Unless employees need to be in the office, we are asking them to work from home.  Solder process testing and production will continue to operate using proper social distancing protocol.
  • We placed a large stock order from our suppliers on March 16. We should easily be able to fulfill all orders.
  • Inbound shipments will be quarantined for one day before receiving.  If you are shipping us samples for testing, please allow time for this quarantine.
  • Note! Our quarantine on inbound shipments does not protect shipments to you as they will be in contact with multiple handlers between our dock and yours.  You should implement your own precautions as you see fit.
  • Our shipping department will only make outbound shipments on Fridays.  Please try to place your orders by noon on Thursday, so we can process your orders to ship on Friday. If you have an emergency, please inform us, so that we can find a solution together.
  • If you would like to stockpile consumable parts, please work with us; we will do everything we can to accommodate orders of all sizes.
  • Unfortunately, the Electrical Wire Process Technology Expo scheduled in May has been canceled.  We expect to participate in the expo in 2020. In the meantime, you can visit us at The Assembly Show.
  • Updates will be posted here and pushed out on our LinkedIn page, Facebook, and Twitter feeds (please consider subscribing to one of our social media outlets if you are not already.)

In Summary,

Aside from minor delays, we do not expect major disruption in our ability to service our customers.  If you have emergencies or other special requirements, our entire staff is still working (remotely, if not in the office). Please feel free to reach out to us as you normally would.

Please stay safe, mta automation, inc.