Dispensing process validation

Personalized service

We focus on high-quality applications and relies on the expertise of highly-qualified specialists to conduct dispensing process validation in our laboratory. These experts assess the appropriate dispensing process for each individual application.

The aim of our test program is essentially to check the feasibility of the required process thus enabling us to provide a process guarantee for each application.  The customer benefits by receiving a proof of process prior to investing in the production equipment.

Our dispensing laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art dispensing equipment integrated in our standard table-top robotic systems. The dispensing equipment available is suitable for mono- or two-components viscous material.

Equipment available in our dispensing laboratory:

  • Ceramic volumetric piston pumps – different sizes
  • Precision volumetric, positive cavity pumps – different flow rates
  • Cartridge dispensers – different sizes
  • Jet dispensing devices
  • Multiple-axis robotic cells for applications simulation – different sizes
  • Certified precision balance
  • Ovens and UV curing devices
  • Activation and precision surface cleaning by means of atmospheric plasma technology
  • And many others

The tests can be useful to:

  • Simulate production working conditions
  • Analyze test data as a support in selecting equipment
  • Ensure that the equipment complies with the customer specifications and is suitable to guarantee the required performances
  • Research new equipment designs
  • Visualize, for example by means of a diagram, the behavior of the equipment in a specific process situation
  • Improve the efficiency of the existing processes

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information concerning the services proposed by our laboratory or to ask for a quote. The process dispensing test fees are refundable if a production equipment is purchased.