Tests & validation

Personalized service

mta has two extensive laboratories because there is no substitute for tests and validation on actual parts using actual equipment. Our goal is to include a process guarantee with every quotation. Every product is unique and in most cases the solders joint within that product are also unique. Therefore, tests and validation are valuable throughout the entire sales process. 


Whenever possible, we test parts before we send the quotation. This is because mta offers four soldering technologies. Those technologies might require optional features to achieve the optimum process. Lastly, each of those technologies can be integrated into one of several robot platforms. Our highly-skilled process development engineers test customers’ parts to configure the setup that works best for each application. At that point, we are able to send a quotation and test report. This provides our customers with valuable decision-making data and the confidence the quoted solution will perform as expected. 

We do not need the final revision of the part to begin testing.  In many cases, we evaluate preliminary product designs and advise customers on design changes to facilitate better manufacturing processes.  In other cases, we can begin testing with scrap material or partially populated material.  The point is, customers do not need to wait for the final design or send valuable material to start the testing process.


After the product and soldering equipment are finalized, our process engineers optimize the process for every solder joint individually. Finally, we invite our customers to perform a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). After the customer validates the process, we ship the machines to them.

We also propose tests and validation for dispensing processes.