Selective soldering

Leader in selective point to point soldering

Amongst the different soldering techniques available, the selective point to point solution features precise accessibility of single solder joints and the ability to adapt parameters to the specific characteristics of each application.

Various different automated mta soldering technologies, such as iron, laser, induction and microflame, are used within the field of point to point technique.

The robot-assisted soldering process guarantees a high level of quality compared to manual soldering, which, thanks to the precise repeatability and the reliability of the process, exceeds the skills of any operator.

Furthermore, thanks to our own soldering tips, an optimal heat transfer into the solder joints is carried out and the cycle time is reduced.

With our extensive experience, we provide innovative solutions for the most demanding applications. Small solder joints, for example, require laser micro-soldering in combination with a solder paste application by means of a jet dispenser.

Feasibility tests and process validations can be carried out in our soldering laboratory. The tests lead to solutions close to serial production and ensure optimal processes.