Markets & applications

With over 50 years experience and more than 2’700 mta machines installed, Unitechnologies is one of the leading manufacturers of point to point selective soldering systems and a reliable partner for several industries:


Our automated and digitized world is inconceivable without electronic components such as sensors, control devices, capacitors and printed circuit boards.

Different technologies are increasingly used in the same workpieces – CMS and conventional components, electronic and mechanical components, PCB FR4 and flexible printed circuit boards. The selective mta soldering technique is also suitable for the most demanding tasks.


Due to the progressive miniaturization of optoelectronic components, innovative solutions are required to connect very sensitive components in a small space.

In this context, the mta laser soldering head is a frequently used technique as precision and speed are combined with the advantage of a contactless heat source.


Highly functional electronics is the key driver of innovation in the automotive industry. Sensors and control devices ensure more safety, comfort and efficiency.

Against the background of large quantities and highly automated series production, the mta point to point selective soldering heads are characterized through precise and repeatable soldering results, even in the case of a high part throughput.

The mta soldering robots are based on a flexible and modular concept and can be quickly and easily integrated into new or existing production cells/lines.


As a long-standing partner of the watch industry, Unitechnologies offers process-reliable solutions for a wide range of tasks. The induction soldering head is used in the assembly of bracelets and watch cases. The laser soldering head is used in high-precision assembly.


Medical technology is subject to strict quality requirements and standards. Reliable and repeatable production processes and inline controls are therefore essential.

Unitechnologies has a broad experience in soldering a wide range of medical technology products and according to their specific requirements. Soldering techniques based on laser and induction enable contactless heat input, especially when working with sensitive components. Application examples include medical pressure sensors, medical pumps, implantable products, etc.

For process tests, Unitechnologies has a well-equipped soldering laboratory. Components can be thoroughly tested before they are launched on the market or in series production.

Soldering application examples