TR300 soldering table-top robot

The TR300 is mta’s table-top soldering robot platform. This robot is purpose-built and standardized for semi-automated applications that require point-to-point soldering.

The table-top platform is a cost-effective solution to automate existing hand-soldering processes without the cost of fully-automated systems. Automating the solder process has several advantages over hand soldering. It produces highly consist joints, improved quality, higher throughput, and it requires less skill and training than hand soldering.

This table-top soldering robot platform is also ideal for applications where human dexterity is required to position the parts. This is because operators can load and unload the parts in offline fixtures to minimize machine downtime.


Because the TR300 is a purpose-built solution, it can support any of mta’s soldering heads without compromise. The ball-screw axis and motors provide fast repeatable motion.  Likewise, they are strong enough to support our heads that include our anti-jam wire-feed system and solder wire spool.  There is no need to push solder wire through lengthy and problematic feed tubes. Therefore, the solder process is more accurate and reliable wire feed than feeding the wire long distances. Similarly, we pre-plumbed a large fume extraction hose with the nozzle located directly above the solder joint. Lastly, light curtains and safety guarding are standard features.


Our MotionEditor software is user-friendly and menu-driven. Most importantly, it controls all aspects of the soldering system, so you do not need one controller for the robot, a second for the solder process, and a third for the safety system.

(Note, the TR300 platform includes metal sides and door to protect operators with the laser soldering head.)

The main features of our TR300 table-top soldering robot platform include:

  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • 4-axis soldering robot, Y-axis in the base to also present parts to the operator
  • 300x300mm working area
  • 0.02mm repeatability
  • Industrial PC controller with Embedded Windows® operating system
  • Intuitive menu-driven mta MotionEditor software
  • Air preparation and selectable 110VAC or 220VAC power connections

5 reasons to choose the mta TR300 table-top soldering robot platform

  1. The TR300 is the ideal platform for companies looking to automate current hand soldering processes.
  2. Your process is difficult to fully automate (e.g. you need human dexterity to load the parts.)
  3. Volume or product life do not justify fully automated production.
  4. The remaining processes are also off-line.
  5. The parts fit inside a 300x300mm work area.
  6. Note, if you need a fully-automated platform, consider the MRC500
table-top soldering robot platform
table-top soldering robot platform

Each machine is specifically tailored to the customer’s application, but the standard TR300 soldering table-top comes well-equipped:

  • 3 axis cartesian robot
  • Complete soldering head according to the chosen technology
  • Tip cleaner depending on the chosen soldering head
  • Safety guarding and light curtain (on semi-automated systems)
  • Air preparation system
  • Industrial PC
  • Full-size keyboard and screen


  • Rotary axis
  • Specific fixture
  • Fume extraction system depending on the chosen head
  • Monitoring camera
  • Recentering camera
  • Vision quality control
  • Second screen
  • ESD protection kit
  • Part presence sensor
  • Part height measuring sensor
  • Automated sponge humidification system depending on the chosen head
  • Signal tower
table-top soldering robot platform
  • Working area  300 x 300 x 100 mm
  • Cartesian robot  3 or 4 axes (option: axis T)
  • Shift of axes  point by point
  • Positioning repeatability  ±20 μm
  • Speed  X and Y: <200mm/s, Z <100mm/s, T <=3.14 rad/s
  • Electronic control  industrial PC
  • Operating system  WINDOWS
  • Programming  HMI Windows oriented
  • Interfaces  ethernet / USB port / serial port
  • Execution mode  standalone or slave with PLC via I/O interface
  • X, Y and Z axes actuation  step by step motor
  • Power supply  230/115V – 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption  1 kVA
  • Air pressure  max. 6 bar
  • Dimensions  804 x 732 x 995 mm
  • Weight  ~125 kg

Selective soldering solutions

PDF - mta_selective_soldering_05.2017.pdf /8.3 mb

table-top soldering robot platform


Available heads