TR300 soldering table-top robot

The mta TR300 standard table-top robot was designed for semi-automated applications requiring point-to-point soldering from above.

This machine is typically purchased by customers looking to improve the consistency, precision, and quality; increase the throughput and decrease the reliance on highly-skilled hand soldering. In cases where it is difficult to justify the cost of fully-automated equipment or the product requires human dexterity to load, the TR300 is the ideal solution.

The TR300 can be equipped with any of mta’s soldering heads: soldering iron, induction, microflame and laser. For the laser soldering, the TR300 platform is guarded with metal sides and a mechanical door to protect operators from the laser.

The main features of our TR300 include:

  • Sturdy aluminium frame
  • 4-axis soldering robot, Y-axis in the base to also present parts to the operator
  • 300x300mm working area
  • Industrial PC controller with Embedded Windows® operating system
  • Intuitive menu-driven mta MotionEditor software

3 reasons to choose the mta TR300 soldering table-top robot

  1. The TR300 is purpose-built and is user friendly. No compromise was made on the head design to fall within the lower payload of off-the-shelf table-top robots.
  2. Anti-jam wire feeder is mounted at the end of arm. This provides more accurate and reliable wire feed than feeding the wire long distances.
  3. Advanced analog heat controller holds a precise temperature for better process control.

Each machine is specifically tailored to the customer’s application, but the standard TR300 soldering table-top comes well-equipped:

  • 3 axis cartesian robot
  • Complete soldering head according to the chosen technology
  • Tip cleaner depending on the chosen soldering head
  • Safety guarding and light curtain (on semi-automated systems)
  • Air preparation system
  • Industrial PC
  • Full-size keyboard and screen


  • Rotary axis
  • Specific fixture
  • Fume extraction system depending on the chosen head
  • Monitoring camera
  • Recentering camera
  • Vision quality control
  • Second screen
  • ESD protection kit
  • Part presence sensor
  • Part height measuring sensor
  • Automated sponge humidification system depending on the chosen head
  • Signal tower
  • Working area  300 x 300 x 100 mm
  • Cartesian robot  3 or 4 axes (option: axis T)
  • Shift of axes  point by point
  • Positioning repeatability  ±20 μm
  • Speed  X and Y: <200mm/s, Z <100mm/s, T <=3.14 rad/s
  • Electronic control  industrial PC
  • Operating system  WINDOWS
  • Programming  HMI Windows oriented
  • Interfaces  ethernet / USB port / serial port
  • Execution mode  standalone or slave with PLC via I/O interface
  • X, Y and Z axes actuation  step by step motor
  • Power supply  230/115V – 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption  1 kVA
  • Air pressure  max. 6 bar
  • Dimensions  804 x 732 x 995 mm
  • Weight  ~125 kg

Selective soldering solutions

PDF - mta_selective_soldering_05.2017.pdf /8.3 mb


Available heads