MPS700 bottom side selective iron soldering machine

As a complement or an alternative to mini-wave and traditional selective soldering techniques, the MPS700 bottom side selective iron soldering machine provides maximum accessibility and meets mass production requirements of quality, reliability and cycle times.

The iron head consists of a powerful heating element and a high precision wire feeder. A compact vision system close to the iron head adjusts the solder point positions. A 4-axis system guarantees quick and precise movements.

The MPS700 can be equipped with mta classic soldering iron head.

The main features of our MPS700 include:

  • Welded frame construction
  • 4-axis cartesian robot
  • 700x700mm working area
  • Conveyor with adjustable width which meets SMEMA electrical and mechanical standards, ensuring quick and easy integration into production lines
  • Integrated indexing and clamping system accurately locates boards and holds them in position
  • Automatic and quick realignment of the solder point positions using a high performance vision system
  • Intuitive menu-driven mta MotionEditor software

Finally, the easy-to-use software allows to quickly start using the equipment and to achieve efficient results without having to spend hours learning how to use it.

8 reasons to choose the mta MPS700 bottom side selective iron soldering machine

  1. Soldering iron can reach points inaccessible by other soldering machines.
  2. Fluxing of boards is not required before soldering.
  3. Quick and easy change of solder alloys – swap the solder spool.
  4. Very low maintenance – no solder tanks, dross, or flux residue to clean.
  5. Automatic realignment of solder points for precise process control.
  6. Taylor individual soldering parameters for each point.
  7. Ability to process a wide range of PCB dimensions.
  8. Quick and easy integration thanks to SMEMA standards.


MPS700 bottom side selective iron soldering machine

  • Typical applications: through-hole soldering components PCB


MPS700 bottom side selective iron soldering machine

Each machine is specifically tailored to the customer’s application, but the standard MPS700 bottom side selective iron soldering machine comes well-equipped:

  • 3 axis cartesian robot
  • Monitoring camera
  • Recentering camera
  • SMEMA conveyor with adjustable width
  • Complete soldering iron head
  • Tip cleaner
  • Air preparation system
  • Industrial PC
  • Full-size keyboard and screen
  • Signal tower


  • 4th axis – rotary axis
  • Fume extraction system
  • Clamping system to maintain the PCB and its components
  • Vision quality control
  • Second screen
  • Part height measuring sensor
  • Barcode reader or RFID reader
MPS700 bottom side selective iron soldering machine
  • Pallet/PCB max. size  700 x 700 mm
  • Pallet/PCB max. weight  20 kg
  • Iron power  150W
  • Iron temperature  adjustable to 450°C (837°F) and standby mode
  • Temperature accuracy  ±5°C
  • Solder wire diameter  0.3 – 1.2 mm
  • Cartesian robot  4 axes: X, Y, Z and T (optional)
  • Typical speed  X= 0.7m/s   Y= 1m/s   Z= 0.5m/s   T=3.14 rad/s
  • Typical acceleration  X= 10m/s2   Y= 10m/s2   Z= 5m/s2   T=14 rad/s2
  • Positioning repeatability  ±20 μm
  • Conveyor type  belt
  • Conveyor length  1500 mm
  • Conveyor width range  50-700 mm
  • Conveyor height  930 mm ±50 mm (SMEMA)
  • Typical conveyor speed  0.3m/s
  • Interfaces  SMEMA / Ethernet  / USB port
  • Power supply  3×400 VAC – 50Hz
  • Power consumption  2 kVA
  • Air pressure  max. 6 bar
  • Dimensions  1’500 x 1’750 x 1’350 mm
  • Weight  ~900 kg


MPS700 bottom side selective soldering machine

PDF - mta_MPS700_bottom_side_selective_soldering_machine_brochure_EN_10.2019 / 2.6 mb

MPS700 bottom side selective iron soldering machine

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