Dispensing station for integrator

For applications that do not require the flexibility of a robot, a simple dispensing station is available. It allows semi or fully automatic volumetric dispensing operations.

The modularity of slides and standard elements enable to find a solution adapted to the customer’s application.

The station can be equipped with all the established mta dispensing heads: NVD mono-component dispenser, NBD two-components dispenser, mini-NVD mono-component dispenser, mini-NBD two-components dispenser, CFD continuous flow mono-component dispenser, CBD continuous flow two-components dispenser, CD cartridge mono-component dispenser and jet dispenser.

Thanks to its modular concept, the station can be integrated into a line or onto a rotary table.

2 reasons to choose the mta dispensing station

  1. High flexibility in terms of mechanical and electrical integration.
  2. Guaranteed turnkey process within reasonable costs.

Each machine is specifically tailored to the customer’s application, but the standard dispensing station comes well-equipped:

  • Dedicated aluminum profile
  • Pneumatic axes
  • Complete dispensing head
  • Needle cleaning unit
  • Purge bin
  • Controller


  • Specific fixture
  • Monitoring camera
  • Automated sponge humidification system
  • Container with or without mixer
  • Cartridge with holder depending on the head
  • Level detection – tank or cartridge
  • Working area  according to the customer’s needs
  • Axes  pneumatic
  • Controller  mta controller available upon request
  • Interfaces  via I/O
  • Power supply without controller  24VDC
  • Power supply with mta controller  230/115V – 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption  1.1 kVA
  • Air pressure  max. 6 bar
  • Dimensions  from 250 x 250 x 540 mm to specific dimensions
  • Weight  variable from 50 kg to 100 kg

Volumetric dispensing solutions

PDF - mta_volumetric_dispensing_10.2017 / 7.5 mb


Available heads