Offer Details

This offer is intended to help you, so we want to keep the details simple and straight-forward. Just send us at your expense the soldering robot in which you are dissatisfied. This does not need to be done in advance of the purchase; you can continue to work with your existing robot until our new robot is set up and operational. We don’t care who made the robot or what condition it is in (it can even be something your company made in-house.) It just needs to be a multi-axis soldering robot that was used in production.

We will apply a $7500 credit toward the purchase of a soldering robot upon receipt of the unsatisfactory robot.

If you want to send us 5 robots and buy 5 robots, we will give you credit for all five robots. The only limit is one credit per one new robot purchase.

This offer applies to the purchase of a new TR300 or MRC500 soldering robot purchased in and delivered in North America between July 1 and December 31 of 2018 as determined by the date of acknowledged receipt of your purchase order.

Additional Information

Most customers that purchase a table-top robot are upgrading from hand soldering, and there are three primary advantages they use for justification: improved consistency and quality, increased throughout, and decreased labor issues.

If you can program a robot to make a good joint, then improving quality is a direct function of how consistency the robot produces those joints.  Conversely stated, a robot that is inconsistent cannot improve quality. Given enough samples, anyone can provide a handful of quality parts.  Our TR300 comes with the process guarantee that >98% of production joints will be same quality as the lab samples.*

Optimizing the process to consistently produce quality joints in the shortest time will increase throughput…as long as the robot is reliable.  Constantly jamming solder wire, the need to frequently realign the solder tips, and other unplanned downtime issues quickly erode these gains.  The TR300 is a purpose-built robot specifically designed for robotic soldering. Our designers did not cut corners to reduce cost because they understand minor savings on capital are insignificant compared to the value of the parts the robot will be producing and uptime reliability is paramount.**

Allowing a robot to do the soldering should make your employees lives easier: no more burns, extensive training, or high turnover commonly associated with hand soldering.  However, robots that requires special training to program and requires constant maintenance makes your employees’ jobs more difficult.  The TR300 is programmed using intuitive Windows®-based software on a full screen and keyboard, and there is virtually no maintenance required. ***

* There will always be exceptions, but most customers report closer to 100% good parts.
** Conservatively assuming 250parts/hour and $2/part, each robot is responsible for $500/hour.
*** Change solder tips, replace solder wire, and dampen the cleaning sponges.