Markets & applications

With over 25 years experience and more than 800 mta dispensing machines realized, we have a unique and recognized know-how in the dispensing of liquid and viscous products in various industries such as electronics, optoelectronics, automotive, watchmaking, medical and pharma.


Our mta dispensing techniques allow to dispense two-component products in a selective manner. This is particularly well adapted for conformal coating. The dispensing of impregnation or overmoulding products is also proposed in order to protect or rigidify electromechanical assemblies.


The volumetric dispensing is a very common technique in the automotive industry. It allows high precision dispensing of mono or two-component products such as sealing beads or part overmoulding. We have a wide experience in dispensing several types of products according to the specific requirements. Our mta dispensers are assembled in production equipment allowing to reach a very high production output.


The mta volumetric dispensing of mono or two component glues is also a field in which we have very wide competences. We propose several solutions to automate the depositing of glue lines on 2D and 3D complex shapes in order to guarantee the waterproofness of watch glasses.


Our mta dispensing robots allow to precisely dispense mono or two-component products compatible with the medical standards. They also allow to reproduce a very precise dispensing in terms of quantities and ratios between the components and the product location. We have a wide experience in dispensing several types of products according to specific requirements.


We developed mta volumetric dispensers as well with small dimensions which can be assembled in series and in a very compact manner. These dispensers can be replaced very quickly, leading to an easy maintenance. In addition, all dispenser material in contact with the products are inert and chemically neutral (FDA compatible).

Dispensing application examples